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The first comprehensive textbook on effective church planting from a veteran church planter.

Today, the casualty rate for church plants is high. What if we could reduce the odds of failing? Church Plantology by Peyton Jones is a robust guide to planting that will help planters to provide the foundation necessary to survive beyond the initial first years so that they don't end up a walking statistic.

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Endorsements for Church Plantology

“Church Plantology is destined to be essential reading for anyone interested in church planting in Western, post-Christian cultural contexts. This book is an expression of who Peyton Jones is; outstanding!”
Alan Hirsch

“Church Plantology is a church planting textbook with everything you need to know about how to start a new church. If you’re considering planting a church, this is a must-read book."
Dave Ferguson

“Peyton Jones brings first-century biblical insights to bear on twenty-first-century church planting challenges, illustrated with practical examples and seasoned with wisdom. Recalibrate your church planting compass by reading Church Plantology!”
Craig Ott

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“Leaders of church planting organizations often decry how impractical seminary training is for church planters and missionaries. There are few church planting textbooks that encapsulate what it looks like to plant churches in the twenty-first century. Even fewer are the ones that tie together theology with actual theory and practice. But I assure you that none have the candid, creative, and down-to-earth writing style of Peyton Jones. Church Plantology is robust for the guild and practical for the field!”
Daniel Yang

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“By returning to the New Testament for the purpose of fierce integration, Peyton has written a book that feels remarkably modern, even new. His best book yet, Church Plantology is both fresh and rooted, a gift to the church.”
Brian Sanders